Sharing GoToMeeting Recordings with Students in Cedar Crest Online (Canvas)


Holding meetings online is a convenient way to connect with people, and GoToMeeting helps us do this.  You can record and share these meetings in the case that you want others to see the live event later, or you want to pre-record a session or lecture to share with others asynchronously.  Here is how you do that.

Recording and Sharing with GoToMeeting, Stream and Canvas

  1. Start your GoToMeeting (Click here to see the Using GoToMeeting Article)
  2. In GoToMeeting, make sure that you click the "Record" button to start the meeting.
  3. Hold your meeting/session, click the Pause button.
  4. Navigate to GoToMeeting and download your recording after it has finished processing.  This can take 5-30 minutes and you will receive an email from GoToMeeting when it is complete.
  5. Download the video to your computer.
  6. Go to, login, click on Stream.
  7. Click Create, then Upload Video
  8. Fill out details for the video, make sure to choose a language so you have the captioning options available.
  9. Click Publish video.  You will be taken to your video page, which may still be processing.
  10. Click Share, copy the URL in the share dialog box.
  11. Processing in Stream can take 5-30 minutes depending on the length of the video, but you can still paste this link in Canvas.
  12. Open Canvas, and then navigate to your course.  Navigate to your module.
  13. Click Edit the module.  
  14. Tyle in the text you wish the students to see, then click the LINK icon, paste the Stream link in that box and save that.
  15. Save your module.
  16. Your video link is now inserted into your Canvas module.
  17. Note: Students maybe asked to log into Stream with their FalconNet username and password if they are not already logged into Office.Com.

Click HERE to view the Tech Talk Step-By-Step Overview on this process.


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