Troubleshooting Audio Issues in GoToMeeting


Switching between online meetings all-day can easily confuse the audio and video resources on your computer.  Here are some steps to troubleshoot when you can't hear folks, or they can't hear you.

Troubleshooting Audio Issues in GoToMeeting

First - restart your computer.  When holding or attending more than 2 GoToMeetings per day, restart your computer each morning.  If that does not resolve your issue, give this a try:

  1. Open the GoToMeeting panel, and click on the Audio section.
  2. Under the audio you will see your settings for microphone and speakers.
  3. Just below the speakers you will see “Troubleshooting” and “Sound Check”
  4. Click on Sound Check
  5. That will show you a different window that will show you your audio devices.
  6. Click the drops downs to select a different one, and then select back to the one you want.
  7. This resets that system and should correct your audio.


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Fri 4/3/20 8:37 AM