Installing Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN and Accessing Your CCC Desktop (Chrome OS)

Installing the GlobalProtect VPN and using College resources with a Chromebook is very different than with Windows or MacOS.  While Chromebooks are budget-friendly devices, they lack a number of features and capabilities of Windows or MacOS computers.  To do this, you need to download and install the GlobalProtect plug-in for Chrome, and the Teamviewer plug-in for Chrome.  You will also need to know your computer's Teamviewer ID and password.   Please contact the Help Desk for your Teamviewer connection information that you will need to complete the connection.

Please Note: While we have made every effort to create factual and accurate instructions, Chromebooks can be very different depending on the manufacturer.  These instructions should work in most cases.  The Office of Information Technology does not support Chromebooks or ChromeOS, and cannot fully troubleshoot issues with connecting in this way.

  1. Please remember that to connect to the VPN, you must be off-campus.  You do not need to be off-campus to install these plug-ins.
  2. Go to the Chrome Store on your Chromebook via the link on Chrome's homepage.
  3. Search for "Globalprotect" -- all one word.  Once you find Palo Alto's GlobalProtect, install it as you normally would any other extension.
  4. Search for "Teamviewer" -- all one word.  Once you find Teamviewer, install it as you normally would any other extension.
  5. Locate and click on Globalprotect in the list of apps on your Chromebook.
  6. Now, you will need to put the portal address in to configure GlobalProtect;  The portal address is:
  7. Next, go into Settings, then to VPN, then click on GlobalProtect:
  8. When prompted for your username, put in your FalconNet username and password (not your email address).
  9. Now that you are connected to the VPN, you will need to launch TeamViewer and log in with the provided credentials (from IT).
  10. Navigate to "My Computers" then click on your computer to launch the connection.
  11. Once you are connected, you may want to enhance the view of your desktop via Teamviewer.  To do this, click View, then Best Fit.


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