Using the Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN Mobile App

If you have a mobile device running either Apple's iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Google's Android operating systems, you can connect to the VPN and access the Cedar Crest Network just like you were here on campus.  All Faculty and Staff at Cedar Crest have access to this feature.

The screenshots are from iOS, but the process is very similar on Android.  Because of the many different implementations of Android, we cannot provide screenshots for that OS at this time.

  1. ​Go to the iOS App Store, or the appropriate Android app store.
  2. Search for "Global Protect" - and install it on your device per your manufacturers specifications.
  3. Launch the Global Protect App - the icon will look like this:

  1. On the Global Protect Home screen, you will need to fill in the Server name: and then tap CONNECT.
  2. Once you tap CONNECT, it will ask you for your username and password.  Use your FalconNet credentials to sign in.  Once you are signed in, you will see this screen that tells you that you are connected and it will indicate a VPN connection in the title bar on iOS devices.  At this point, you are connected to Cedar Crest's VPN and network.


  1. To verify this connection, tap DETAILS and it should look similar to this:


  1. To disconnect, you will need to go to SETTINGS and tap the VPN slider.  In this image, I am still connected to the VPN -- the slider is green.  By tapping it, I will be disconnected from the VPN.


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