Change Your Password via the FalconNet Password Management Website (Can't Login)


Have you ever forgotten your password?  Or had it expire while you are off-campus?  What a hassle… but you can reduce the trouble and lost time that it causes you by taking advantage of our new password reset tool!  The technology support center website enables faculty and staff to change reset their password online, without calling the Help Desk. 

This system resets/changes passwords for FaclonNet - which ecompasses​ the following systems:

  • Network Computer Logins
  • Canvas (Cedar Crest Online LMS)​
  • Office 365 (E-Mail, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive etc)
  • Astra Schedule
  • Jenzabar
  • EZproxy (Remote Library Database and Journal) access
  • Wireless Network (FalconNet) access

It does not impact these systems:

  • MyCedarCrest
  • e2Campus


NOTE: These instructions will still work - but all FalconNet password changes should be done via FalconLink.  Please click here for instructions.


Old Instructions (still functional):

In order to take advantage of this, you must register on the website before you can change your password. Look under Related Articles in the right column for directions.

Once you are registered/enrolled, here's how you reset your password!

  1. ​Open a web browser and go to (works on phones, too!)
  2. From the main screen you have several options.  You can change your password if you remember it, reset your password or unlock your account if it is locked.  For our example today, we will click "Reset Password" and walk through that.  But all of these options are available to you.

  3. To get the process started, you will need to input your username (only your username, not your email address) and then fill in the numbers that are on your screen before you click CONTINUE.

  4. For this step, you will need the answers to the questions you set when you enrolled in the system.  NOTE: The Office of Information Technology has no access to this information, and cannot look those answers up for you.  If you cannot remember, we can unenroll you to allow you to re-register/enroll.  

    Once you have entered the answeres, enter the numbers at the bottom and click CONTINUE.

  5. Next, fill in your new password.  Make sure you meet the new complexity requirements that are listed on the page.  All 5 green check boxes must be checked.  Once they are, type the numbers in the box and click RESET PASSWORD.

  6. Once you've met the requirements and clicked RESET PASSWORD, you should see this success screen - and your password is reset/account unlocked.

Note: This will reset your FalconNet password only​.  Once your password is reset, it can take up to 30 minutes for that new password to work in Office 365 and other cloud-based systems, but it should work very quickly for FalconNet Wireless and computer network logins.