Using GoToMeeting

Below are helpful links to help you get started on scheduling and hosting your first meetings. 

Schedule & Start Meetings – Review articles and videos on how to schedule & start meetings
Edit a Scheduled Meeting – You can edit a scheduled meeting any time before the start time
Live Training  - A member from our Customer Success team hosts a live training for Organizers and discusses key tips and best practices for Organizers to host online meetings – Be sure to attend our Top 10 Tips and Tricks training for an advanced session.
Organizer Guide for Windows – GoToMeeting from an Organizer perspective
Attendee Guide for Windows – GoToMeeting from an Attendee perspective
GoToMeeting Control Panel - Using the GoToMeeting Control Panel
About The Web App – Organizers and attendees can join sessions online instead of using the desktop app or a mobile app. The GoToMeeting Web App is a browser-based version of GoToMeeting that can be run entirely online!
Share Your Webcam – You can use high-definition video conferencing to meet face-to-face with your other session participants
Manage Attendees (Desktop App) – Manage the attendees pane which displays a list of all the participants in a session
Use Drawing Tools (Desktop App) – Organizers, and Attendees, can use drawing tools to draw directly on the shared screen

GoToMeeting Blog – Your source for recent product updates, productivity tips, and hosting your best meeting
GoToMeeting FAQ – Quick answers for common questions
GoToMeeting Messenger – Stay connected to keep things moving before, during and after the meeting - *This feature must be turned on by your Admin

GoToMeeting Customer Support – Review all of the information available to you and your attendees to utilize GoToMeeting seamlessly. Your questions will most likely be answered here!
GoToMeeting Support – Submit all technical questions to our support team. If you do not receive a response in 24-48 hours, please reach out to me directly to expedite the case.


View the live GoToMeeting Training on Microsoft Stream.


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