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Cedar Crest is scheduled to upgrade our platforms to the newest versions of Jenzabar and related applications.  Testing and becoming familiar with the new version and the related changes is a very important part of any upgrade process, especially one that is as major and critical as this one. These instructions will help you connect and test the new environment.
The Office of Information Technology recognizes that in order to keep our computing infrastructure safe, secure and operating efficiently, the computers on the network must be regularly updated and maintain a certain level of modern operating system.  To that end, the Office of Information Technology has embarked on a four-year plan, beginning in July of 2017, to upgrade the entire campus computing platform to the standard of Microsoft Windows 10.
Directions for using a mobile device to enroll on the Password Self-Service Website.
Directions on using our self-service site to reset your password.
Information regarding AstraSchedule reservation requests.
Directions on reserving a College-owned vehicle.
Cedar Crest College's Office of Information Technology has the ability to support the campus community whether you are on-campus, or somewhere else.  The only thing you need is your computer and a reliable internet connection to that computer.  To do this the Office of Information Technology uses TeamViewer, a remote support application.  To have a technician connect to your computer and help, you will need to download TeamViewer to your computer and follow these instructions:
Information regarding Adobe's new licensing requirements and usage of campus applications.
How to add a shared mailbox to your default Outlook client.
directions on managing linked tables in Access.
This connection is needed in order to use Jenzabar-linked tables for Access reporting.
Link to the online CANVAS guide for instructors.
Link to the new instructor guide for accessing the online portion of your classes.
Web Print Directions for Employees
Quick directions on choosing your default printer.
As you are aware, on Friday, November 22nd, 2019 Jenzabar working with the Office of Information Technology will be performing an upgrade to Jenzabar, JICS (MyCedarCrest), PowerFAIDS, Retention (Finish Line) and all systems associated with the Jenzabar Student Information System that runs our campus.  This article is designed to give the campus community an idea of what is happening and when over the weekend of 11/22 to help everyone understand what to expect to happen, when it is going to happe
The Office of Information Technology will be migrating the campus from Alchemy to a newer, supported platform that is compatible with our Ricoh multifunction devices and works with Jenzabar
The Office of Information Technology is converting the campus from the older digital handsets to newer, more-capable Voice-Over-IP telephone handsets.  This process is planned over a 3-4 year time period and will be rolled out one department at a time. Timeline still in progress.
Reporting an issue with Jenzabar.
Outlook rules are actions that your email account will automatically perform based on the guidelines that you have specified. Being able to add, edit and manage these rules can be a handy thing when you are trying to organize your inbox -- or find an email!
Directions on adding your availability in the Team's Shifts app.
General format for lease replacement email.
Timeline of employee's responsibilities and and overview of what to expect when your computer is scheduled for replacement/upgrade.
List of online resources that use your FalconNet account for access.