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Office of Information Technology systems maintenance and update schedule.
One of the benefits of moving to Jenzabar's cloud hosting platform is the relative ease with updates/upgrades/patches.  As such, we will always keep within one minor release version of their current product.  The version numbers look like this: 2019.1.03.  The major release version number is the year (2019, 2020) - the minor version number is represented by the numbers that immediately follow (.1, .2 etc).  The numbers that follow that are patches and fixes.
Cedar Crest has upgraded our platforms to the newest versions of Jenzabar and related applications.  These instructions will help you connect and test the new environment.
Cedar Crest College utilizes Interfolio for several key administrative functions.  If you need to use this web application and need help logging in, here's how you do it.
List of online resources that use your FalconNet account for access.
directions for redeeming purchased print cards
Links to PaperCut website and list of recommended articles for getting started in the system.
FalconPrint is the new system that manages printing, copying and scanning across campus.  This document will help you locate a FalconPrint device to scan, copy or print your documents.
directions for using the legacy Web Print feature.
Directions on how to transfer funds from your account to a fellow student's account.
Guidelines for usage and directions for printing to lab computers by campus club members.
List of acceptable reasons for refund, and directions on how to request one.
Tips on saving quota funds to make it last the entire academic year.
Commonly asked questions about the student print quota and PaperCut.
Directions on installing Mobility Print on your personal device.
Directions for using the Ricoh multi-function devices and release stations.
From time to time, Office for Mac licenses become deactivated and begin showing the error: "View Only. Your account doesn't allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your admin about your Office plan." It is necessary to reactivate Office on your Mac in order to continue normal use.
The GlobalProtect VPN allows the Cedar Crest community to access our local network for a variety of different reasons.  One of those reasons is to access files that exist on our local server file shares, but the VPN does not map the familiar F:, H; and L: drives automatically.  Here are instructions on how to have a custom script written for you to access these network shares and how to use the script to connect to your network shares.
Quick directions on choosing your default printer.
In the past, laptops have sometimes come with pre-configured local accounts to use while off-campus.  With the new Windows 10 laptops, this is no longer the case and a few steps must be taken to ensure that these laptops will work for everyone reliably.