Administrative Applications

Services for administrative use software including Jenzabar, PowerFaids, Alchemy, AstraSchedule, My CedarCrest/InfoNet, and Microsoft Access.

Categories (1)

My CedarCrest Requests

Service for errors/issues and new/change requests within My CedarCrest. For login issues, please see the Accounts, IDs, and Passwords category.

Services (5)

Administrative Application Upgrade/Installation Request

Request a software upgrade for or installation of administrative software.

Administrative Applications Service Request

Request assistance for error messages and other issues using administrative applications including Jenzabar, Alchemy, Docuware, ReportExec, and other similar applications.

Data Processing and File Requests

Request data processing events in Jenzabar and to request data files for non-Jenzabar-linked databases and software systems.

InfoNet Report Access Request

Use this form to request InfoNet report access in My CedarCrest.

Report a Jenzabar Issue

Use this form to notify Information Technology of any errors or abnormalities experienced in Jenzabar or Infomaker.