Jenzabar Migration

Frequently Asked Questions about Cedar Crest's migration from our data center to Jenzabar's data center on July 13th, 2019.

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Jenzabar FAQ: Connecting to Jenzabar EX and RemoteApps

Directions for connecting to the Jenzabar Remote Apps server.

Jenzabar FAQ: Jenzabar EX and Remote Apps Testing Checklist

Testing our applications, reports, and connections in our new environment is key to the success of this migration project.  Because of this, we are making every effort to make testing the new environment available to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.  Please use this handy checklist as a guide for your testing.

Jenzabar FAQ: Reporting Problems with the Migrated Jenzabar SaaS Environment

When you encounter a problem with the Jenzabar testing environment, whether it be with Jenzabar EX, MyCedarCrest or printing something out of the environment, it will be important that these issues are reported to us in a timely and orderly fashion.  To that end, we have prepared a form that must be filled out to report issues with the new Jenzabar environment during testing

Jenzabar FAQ: Timeline

Here is a look at the timeline for our work on Jenzabar in 2019.  Note: this schedule is tentative and based on the results of certain processes happening as expected.  It is subject to change without notice.  Please check back throughout the process for updates.

Jenzabar FAQ: What does the process look like?

What does the Jenzabar migration process look like?

Jenzabar FAQ: What is happening?

What is happening during the Jenzabar migration?