Wireless Project Schedule

This post will be constantly updated throughout the year with the tentative scheduled events regarding the wireless upgrade initiative.  Check back at your leisure to see the most current schedule, activities and status.

Updated: 10/20/2018 (* denotes updated)

​Name ​Status ​Notes
​Allen House ​Complete
​Alumnae Hall ​Complete Will add access points in round 2.
​Blaney Hall Complete Conduit for certain areas still needs to be run, otherwise this is complete.
​Butz Hall ​Complete
Cressman Library​ Complete
​Curtis Hall Complete
​HBB Complete
​Hartzell Hall Complete
​Lees Hall Complete  
​Miller Building ​Complete  
Moore Hall Complete  
​​Oberkotter ​Complete  
​Plant (Facilities/PS) ​Complete ​Will move access point in round 2.
​Rodale Aquatic Center      ​Complete ​​
Steinbright Hall Complete  
​Science Complete  
​TCC* In progress      1st Floor Complete. 
2nd Floor: In Progress75%   
3rd Floor: In Progress: 50%
​FalconPlex Complete  
​Outside Spaces Complete Outdoor Coverage: FalconPlex, Softball Field, Lees Hall Lawn, Blaney Mall from Blaney to College Drive.


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