Personal Technology Purchases


Information on discounts offered to the Cedar Crest community by third party technology vendors.


Several online computer vendors offer discounts to College students and employees. To qualify, you must sign up or purchase using your Cedar Crest College .edu email address. 

New Computers and Accessories


Dell University Store

HP Education Store

Cedar Crest College Lenovo Website

Lenovo is a division of IBM, and offers discounts on all IBM products, including the ThinkPad notebook.

Apple for Education Website

When accessing Apple's website, you may need to search for Cedar Crest College to begin. Use the zip code 18104, or search using Allentown, PA as your city and state.

Software Discounts

Before purchasing software, please note:

  • Office 365 is available to all students and employees for free. Installations are available once your College email account has been created.
  • Employees looking for software on their College-owned computers, please complete a Technology Purchase Request.
  • There are many free antivirus software applications that work just as well as paid software. 
  • Most software applications required for coursework is installed in at least one lab location on campus for student use. It is recommended to wait until your class begins before purchasing any software.

JourneyED Software Website

As members of AICUP, all students and employees of the college have access to discounted software and hardware products available through JourneyEd. 



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