Ordering the CashNET Listener for JICS and Jenzbar

Location:  F:\Student Financial Services\CashNet


CashNet wants you to order a new listener at least 45 days before the scheduled upgrade.


  1. Complete the Jenzabar One Upgrade Form.  A copy is located at F:\Student Financial Services\CashNet\Listener\OriginalForm.  You can also download the form from the Training and Support area of CashNet.
    1. You need to know the current versions of the listener, JICS and Jenzabar One.  You also need to know the versions of JICS and Jenzabar One we are upgrading to.

IT – will need to give us the listener and JICS current versions.

                They go into Site Manager of JICS

  • Then portal version info to get CashNet Interface no and JICS version
    1. On question 7 I always answer no the password will not change. 
    2. On question 8 enter as the external IP address and 443 as the port.
    3. On question 9 enter as the external IP address and 443 as the port.
    4. On question 10 the real time interfaces we use are Lookup, Dynamic Bill, Post, and eRefund Status Post.
    5. On question 11 the URL is my.cedarcrest.edu.
    6. On question 12 normally fill in about 30 days prior
  1. Save a copy of the completed for at F:\Student Financial Services\CashNet\Listener\PriorRequests.
  2. Attach the form to an email sent to CashNet support.  Their address is paymentssupport@transactcampus.com
  3. The CashNet ftp info is in Password Keeper under Student Financial Services and CashNet Production SFTP. The website address is there along with the username and password. After Julie would download it, she would put it on the Jenzabar RDP server. Julie had access and we do not know if we have access or not.  In Cedar Crest Remote Apps choose explorer. Then choose Local Disk C: and JenzabarDownloads as the folder. I would put the listener here or when you get the listener, give to IT to place a copy of the Jenzabar RDS server so that Jenzabar can access during an upgrade.
  4. Created a file on the F:\Jenzabar\CashNet Listener to place the new CashNet Listener into for IT to pick up to place on the Jenzabar RDS.  After the file is placed in F:\Jenzabar\CashNet Listener notify IT – Bruce that the file is there and the name of the file.


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Mon 6/14/21 11:35 AM