Service Catalog

Categories (7)

Computers, Printers, & Devices

Support and Information on Computer Hardware, Printing, & other Devices.

Administrative Applications

Services for administrative use software including Jenzabar, PowerFaids, Alchemy, AstraSchedule, My CedarCrest/InfoNet, and Microsoft Access.

Classroom and Instructional Technology Services

Services focusing on CANVAS help, course development, classroom support, event support, and a/v equipment reservations.

Network (Wired & Wireless) and Security

Wireless/Wired Networks, Network Shares, Viruses/Spyware, VPN

Accounts, IDs, and Passwords

Account Access Issues, Password Reset Requests

Software and Web Services

Submit request for assistance with installing or using software. This category applies to any academic or campus-wide use software or web application.

Audio-Visual Services

Services include AV Equipment Reservation, training requests, academic event support, and to report a classroom issue (non-emergency only).

For emergencies, or if you are currently experiencing an issue in your classroom, please call 610-606-4635, option 2.

Services (3)

General Request

Can't find what you need above? Use this form, tell us what you need, and we'll be in touch within one business day.

Technology Purchase Request

Submission form to request technology purchases both hardware- and software-related.

Walk-In Support

Walk-In Request form & information.