Network (Wired & Wireless) and Security

Wireless/Wired Networks, Network Shares, Viruses/Spyware, VPN

Services (7)

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Requesting assistance with the VPN network.

Wired Network Access - Installation Request

Use this form to request the installation of hardwired network connections in offices or other locations.

Wired Network Access - Service Request

Issues with your current hardwired (ethernet) connection in your residence hall room, office, or other campus location.

Wireless Network Access - College Owned Devices

Information on finding support for wireless connections on college-owned devices.

Wireless Network Access - Personal Devices

Wireless access from personal and campus owned devices, for faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Wireless Network Access - Smart Streaming Devices

If you have tried following the Falconstream directions in our knowledge base, and are still unable to connect your smart device to the wireless network, please submit a request form.

Wireless Network Request - Events or Vendor Wireless Access

Request wireless access for events that include the general public that are more then 2 hours long, or for vendors who needs to process credit card or other information at an event. Two weeks notice is requested for these service requests.