Directions to Export Email List for BetterHelp


These are directions for using the Access Database saved in the L:\Student Affairs\BetterHelp Database folder. 


  1. In the BetterHelp_Data1 Access Database, double-click to run the EMAIL LIST_CURRENT FULL TIME STUDENTS query.
  2. Click Yes for the window confirming that you are running a make-table query.
  3. Click Yes to continue and confirm that the existing table will be deleted.
  4. Enter the current academic year code and click OK.  You should only enter the first year in the code.
    For example, Spring Semester of the calendar year 2022 is really Spring Semester of the 2021-2022 Academic Year, so you would enter 2021.
  5. Enter the current/upcoming term code and click OK.
    The most commonly used codes are: Fall Term: 10 and Spring Term: 30
  6. Click Yes to confirm you will paste rows into a new table. This number will change based on the current number of enrolled full time students.
  7. Under Tables, double-click on Current Email List to open it.
  8. In the top toolbar, click on the External Data Tab. In the Export section, click on Text File.
  9. In the Export-Text File window, accept the default save location or click Browse to save to a different location. 
  10. Once you’ve chosen the file destination and updated the file extension to .csv, click Ok to begin the export.
  11. In the Export Text Wizard window, leave Delimited highlighted and click Next.
  12. Delimiter should remain Comma. Make sure Include Field Names on First Row is UNCHECKED, and click Next.  
  13. The wizard will confirm the file location and extension again for you. Click Finish and then Close to export the file. You can now exit the database and email the CSV file to Better Help.


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Mon 7/26/21 11:50 AM