Installing the Authentication Browser Extension for FalconLink


FalconLink is the universal application launch pad for Cedar Crest College's many applications.  Within FalconLink you will have the ability to change your FalconNet password, access your Cedar Crest Online (Canvas) courses, connect with Microsoft Office applications after signing in with your FalconNet account, MyCedarCrest, and much more.  Additionally, these services will all be linked via your login credentials to allow for either single sign-on, or saved sign-on capabilities.

In order for FalconLink to pass through your authentication information to other websites, it installs an extension in your web browser.  You must do this. If you do not, authentication will not work properly.


  1. The first time you launch an application that supports Single-Sign-On (Adobe Sign, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, MyCedarCrest, Cedar Crest Online, etc), your browser will prompt you to install a browser extension.

  2. When this window opens, click Install Extension and follow the on-screen instructions.  This is the same process in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  The same requirements exist for Firefox and Safari. However, we strongly recommend that you do not use these browsers and cannot support issues when using them.
  3. Note: the extension opens a new browser window to do its work.  Once complete, you can close that browser window to continue using FalconLink or the application you clicked on.


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