CCC Radio Station Basics: Changing Display Window Layout Modules

Cedar Crest College radio broadcasts to the world via Spacial Audio's SAM Broadcaster platform.  This means that anyone, anywhere, can listen over the Internet at any time.  Anyone who navigates to will be directed to the station on any device (computer, phone, tablet, etc).  The SAM platform allows CCC Radio to designate DJs, create a broadcast schedule, have remote broadcasts and so much more. 

This article will be discussing what you will see when things are operating as designed and how you correct them if they are not and you need to broadcast from the studio.

The SAM platform is designed for 0% dead air.  This means that if there is no sound coming from the selected source for a relatively short period of time, SAM will switch to one that has sound - no matter what it is.  We at CCC Radio have decided that we want our primary source to be the studio console, with the SAM Broadcaster Cloud as the source for preprogrammed shows or a backup.  If sound stops in the studio for any reason, the SAM Dashboard may automatically switch to SAM Broadcaster Cloud as its source.

The screen should look like this when you enter the studio... but... What do you do if you do not see what you expect to see on the laptop display?

Don't panic!

Below is a screenshot that shows what windows should be open on the screen so that you can make any alterations/changes that you need to to make your show go out over the internet.  To get there:

  • Click Window
  • Select any windows you do not see with a checkmark next to them.
  • Those windows will now appear in the display.  Don't worry if they aren't in the exact right spot, they will still allow you to work within them.




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Thu 11/17/22 11:54 AM
Thu 11/17/22 11:54 AM