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Title: IBM SPSS Statistics

License Usage: Concurrent licensing for academic use only on College-owned computers. Administrative licensing must be purchased separately by department.  If you are using SPSS as part of a course, and need to use it off-campus, please contact your instructor for instructions on how to access SPSS.

Cost for Employees: Free to install in academic locations and on College-assigned faculty computers for academic use. Administrative offices must purchase a separate license for institutional research purposes. 

Cost for Students: Students may use SPSS in several lab locations across campus at no cost. Students may choose to rent a copy of SPSS through JourneyED. Information Can be found HERE. 

Level of Support: Installation and Licensing, with limited troubleshooting support for system errors.  

Online Guides:

IBM's SPSS Website - Main Page

Kent State University has an excellent online tutorial for navigating SPSS. You can find it HERE.


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