How to Use Adobe Acrobat

Getting Started

What is Adobe Acrobat Used For?

Acrobat is Adobe's PDF viewing software that also allows the user to easily upload print documents, manipulate, print, and manage PDFs. "Adobe Acrobat" is the program that is meant for upload, manipulation, and creation of PDFs while "Acrobat Reader" is the simple viewing program. Both are useful, and can be learned how to use. 



Adobe has a great list of tutorials for the Acrobat softwares. The entire collection of tutorials can be found on Adobe's website, but we will list a few helpful ones below as well.

  1. Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office Files 
    • Turn your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files into a PDF
  2. Creating Microsoft Office Files from a PDF
    • Convert your PDF files into Word files
  3. Convert a Scan to a Searchable PDF
    • No time to manually search a full document? No worries!
  4. Combine Documents into one PDF
    • Useful for scanning individual pages into one PDF


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