Installing Adobe Reader


Adobe Reader is a free PDF file viewer, and can be installed on any personal or College-owned computer.

NOTE: Some College-owned computers may require permission for installation. If you receive a login window when trying to install, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance at 610-606-4635, option 2 for employees.


  1. Go to
  2. Check to install the Acrobat Reader Extension.
  3. Under Optional offers, make sure to UNCHECK all offers. 
  4. Click on Install Now. The install file will download. 
  5. To proceed, open your download folder and locate the Adobe Reader Installer file, named like “readerdc[xxx]_install.exe”.
  6. Double-click on the installer to complete the installation. For additional help, click on the link in the adobe web browser window for more detailed instructions specific to the web browser.

After the installation, you may need to set Adobe Reader as your default pdf viewer. Please look under the Related Articles section of this page for directions.


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