Connecting to Cedar Crest College Computers Using Team Viewer

Before you Begin

You will need credentials to log into Team Viewer and then again to log into the specific computer.  Reach out to your contact in Information Technology at Cedar Crest College to get those credentials.

Installing Team Viewer:

You need to install Team Viewer 12 to connect to Cedar Crest.  The installation file can be downloaded at

Using Team Viewer:

  1. Open Team Viewer 12.
  2. In the bottom right hand corner of the Team Viewer window below Computers & Contacts click the Sign In link.  
  3. Sign into Team Viewer using the credentials given to you by your contact in Information Technology.  Note that for security purposes the Team Viewer credentials may be different from the computer credentials. 
  4. If this is your first time logging into Team Viewer for Cedar Crest, Information Technology will have to authorize your request.  After you enter your credentials, Information Technology will receive a notice to authorize the request.  Only after authorization is provided can you log in successfully.  Please reach out to your contact person to be sure authorization was given.
  5. After authorization has been provided and you have successfully logged into Team Viewer you will see the computers to which you can connect in the Computers & Contacts window.
  6. Double click a computer to connect to it.
  7. When the connection is made Team Viewer will display the Windows login page for the computer selected.
  8. Enter your login credentials.  Again, these are most likely be different than your Team Viewer credentials.
  9. After your work is complete, log off the computer and then end your Team Viewer session by clicking the end session icon on the Team Viewer tool bar.


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