Producing File for ReportExec (Campus Police Reporting System)

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Campus Police use ReportExec.  Occasionally they need a new file of employees and students. They will reach out and ask for the file. Follow the instructions below to produce the file.


  1. Log into SQL Management Studio.
  2. Run the script located \\ccccommstorage2\comm_it\Infotech\ReportExec called ReportExec.sql.
  3. Change the year and term in the first where clause as necessary.
  4. Run the script.
  5. Copy the results and paste them into an Excel spreadsheet.
  6. Run a replace to replace NULL with blank spaces.
  7. Save the spreadsheet and sent it to whomever in Campus Police requested the file.


Note: this process needs to be regularly scheduled and placed in a location that Campus Police can access when they need it.


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Wed 9/11/19 10:05 AM