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Excel OM/QM is a user-friendly add-in for Excel that can be used to create Excel spreadsheets for problems in Management Science, Quantitative Methods or Operations Management. It is the only add-in of its type as it creates custom-sized spreadsheets rather than using preconfigured Excel templates. Excel OM/QM can be packaged with the Management Science texts Introduction to Management Science by Taylor and Quantitative Analysis for Management by Render, Stair & Hannah as well as the the Operations Management textbooks Operations Management, Principles of Operations Management, and Operations Management: the Flex version all by Heizer & Render. Excel OM/QM is not available as a stand-alone product; it must be packaged with one of these Prentice-Hall textbooks.

Installation Links

Excel QM, Version 5.3: 

For all downloads, visit Pearson's Website at: https://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/bp/bridgepages/bp_render_bridgepage/qam_13e/index.html

Mac Owners, if you have issues installing Excel QM, please review this video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ7ftExwMRM

Excel QM, Version 5.2:

NOTE: If your virus protection program will not allow you to download or to install the software please see the following document.

Download Excel QM for PCs, Version 5.2

Download Excel QM for Macs, Version 5.2

The download file for Macs is a ZIP file with the Excel OM/QM for Macs program. Unzip the file and then run the package program. Excel OM for Macs will be installed into a folder named excelOMQMv4 into the Applications folder of your Mac. To start Excel OM/QM, open the file named excelOMQMv4.xla. Alternatively, it will be much easier to use if you make an Alias for ExcelomQMv4.xla and place the Alias on your desktop.

Note about Microsoft Office:  You will need to have Microsoft Office installed in order to use this application. Students and Employees can download the latest version of Office for Windows and Mac. More information can be found at: Installing Microsoft Office At Home

Instructional Videos

There are YouTube tutorials on using Excel QM that can be found by clicking on the Tutorial ribbon icon in Excel QM or by searching for 'excel qm weiss' within YouTube.


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