Adobe Creative Cloud Sign-in (Full Time Employees)

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These instructions are for full time employees only.  If you are a student or part time employee, see Adobe Creative Cloud Sign-in (Students/Part Time Employees).


Adobe has changed the way they license their products.   Licenses are not applied to the software when installed any longer.  Licenses are assigned to users individually.

What this means in a practical sense, is that end-users need to login to Adobe in order to license the software before use.  Although this will not happen EVERY time you use an Adobe product, it will happen the FIRST time you use a product on a particular machine.

New Computer Information

After you receive your new computer, you will need to open the Creative Cloud App on your computer and login following the directions below. This will sign you in to all of your installed Adobe apps, and allow you to install additional apps as needed. 


  1. When opening an Adobe app (such as Acroboat, Photoshop, Premiere, etc), you will be presented with this dialog box:

  2. Fill in your College Email address (ex: and hit [Tab].  You can also click Sign in with an Enterprise ID rather than use [Tab].
  3. You MAY be presented with the following dialog box.  If so, click Enterprise ID

    Select Enterprise ID
  4. You will then be presented with the usual FalconNet login page.   Login with your FalconNet username (ex: jasmith) and password.  

  5. At this point, the software should be licensed and you can use it as intended.


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