How to Log In to Interfolio


Cedar Crest College utilizes Interfolio for several key administrative functions.  If you need to use this web application and need help logging in, here's how you do it.



  1. Open the web browser of your choice and navigate to and click the SIGN IN button in the upper right corner.

  2. You will be taken tot he "Sign in through your institution" page.  In the search box, begin typing "Cedar Crest College" - then select that when it appears. Once that is selected, click SIGN IN.

  3. The next step connects Interfolio with Cedar Crest's Single-Sign On service.  Here, you will need to input your FalconNet username (not email address) and FalconNet password, select "Don't Remember Login" and then click LOGIN.  (Here is a list of what uses your FalconNet username.)

  4. Next, you will be taken to a screen that explains what information you are sharing and who you are sharing that information with.  You can select whether you want to be asked about this information every time you login, only if something changes or never ask again.  Select the option that you are most comfortable with and click ACCEPT.

  5. You will now be logged in to Interfolio and see the activities you are assigned.

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Tue 1/14/20 9:29 AM