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Classroom and Conference Spaces A/V Renovation Schedule
Here is a quick overview of getting into Teams from a college-owned computer.
You may find that you are on an instructor station computer that does not have Microsoft Teams installed, or cannot find the Teams icon on the Desktop.  Here is how you update or install Teams on the computer you are using in a classroom.  Because Microsoft Teams is an individualized application, the Office of Information Technology can no longer pre-install Teams on these shared computers. Remember: In a pinch, you can log in to, click on Teams to access Teams from a browser.
Using Teams in our classrooms can sometimes require settings to be changed to meet your class needs.  This article will help you pipe sound through the speakers in the classroom if you are not hearing it currently.  Please try the sound before changing any settings.​​​​​​​
List of all available technology for classrooms and meeting spaces on campus.
Information about TurningPoint, which allows students to participate in interactive surveys/questions in a classroom setting.
General information on reserving and training on equipment in campus classrooms.