Configuring Microsoft Bookings: Services (Appointments)


Microsoft Bookings is a built-in solution that works with Outlook and Teams to help folks schedule meetings with you based on your calendar.  Cedar Crest is beginning to move from YouCanBookMe to Microsoft Bookings to allow for quick, easy, and flexible meeting scheduling.

Microsoft Bookings is included in our Office 365 licensing, after you active your account, you need to configure your booking page and then your services for appointments.  When someone goes to your booking page, they will be asked to select a service to book.  This allows you to create different time frames for different types of appointments.  Here are instructions on how to configure your services.

Tech Talk video on Using Microsoft Bookings

Configuring your Services

  1. If you have not yet activated your Bookings account, you will need to do that before continuing.  Click here for instructions.
  2. To begin, log in to with your FalconNet email address and password.  Then open Microsoft Bookings. 

  3. You should now be on your Bookings Home Page.  Click on the Services link.

  4. On the Manage services page you will see the default service.  You can either delete that service (click on trash can), or edit it (click pencil) to create a new service.  You can also click the + Add a service link to create a new service.

  5. Here are the fields to fill in when creating a new service.


    Here are the important things to set:
    - Start by filling in the Service Name, Description and a location if it is appropriate.
    - If you click Add online meeting it will automatically schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting when someone selects this service.
    - Set the Default Duration
    - Buffer time: If you wish to have buffer between meetings, this will prevent individuals from scheduling this service back-to-back with another existing meeting on your calendar.  You can set time before, and after meetings.  Remember: if you put 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after, that can be 30 minutes total depending on your calendar.
    Maximum number of attendees: keeping this at the default 1 prevents more than one person from adding themselves to this meeting.
    Custom fields: if you wish to ask additional questions on your booking form, you can define them here.
    Publishing options - make sure this is on if you wish to make this booking service available.  You must have at least one booking service available.
    Reminders and confirmations is where you can set emails that will remind folks of the meeting at different intervals.  One is predefined for 1 day before the meeting.
  6. If you click the pencil, or Add an email reminder, you can customize your reminders.  You can set the time that the email is sent, and what the email says.
  7. When you are done with your service, click Save and the service will become available on your booking calendar.



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