Information about and training for Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Teams

Articles on using Teams and the different Apps within.

Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a built-in solution that works with Outlook and Teams to help folks schedule meetings with you based on your calendar.

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Activate and Access Your OneDrive Account via Office365

In Office365, you must activate your OneDrive account before you can use it on any devices or computers.

Activating Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) for Apple Mac OS X

From time to time, Office for Mac licenses become deactivated and begin showing the error: "View Only. Your account doesn't allow editing on a Mac. To learn more, contact your admin about your Office plan." It is necessary to reactivate Office on your Mac in order to continue normal use.

Comparing Microsoft OneNote Versions (Online, 2016, For Mac, iPad)

See and compare the feature differences between OneNote and OneNote Class Notebook across different devices and platforms.

Installing Microsoft Office At Home

How to install Microsoft Office 365 suite of applications on your personal computer.

Installing the Analysis ToolPak in Excel

information on loading/installing the free add-in for Excel.

Mail Merge Directions for Shared Mailboxes

Directions on sending a mail merge document via email from a shared mailbox.

Microsoft Office 365 Training and Microsoft Learn

Links to Microsoft's Office Training. Free for students and employees.

Microsoft Stream Error "Your session has expired" while Playing a Video

Sometimes when someone accesses a Stream video, it will play for about one minute, then kick them out with the error "Your session has expired. Click OK to login and continue."  This error is caused by the time or time zone on the computer being incorrect.

Microsoft Stream Video Settings Options

Microsoft Stream is the defacto storage mechanism for recorded videos on campus, and from Microsoft Teams.  Teams will automatically upload your videos to Stream for you, preserving the permissions that were set in your meeting.  In other words, if 5 Cedar Crest folks were in the meeting, they will all automatically have access to the video - but no one else will.  If you'd like to generate a caption file, allow others to view the video, or set other things in Stream, here's how!

Microsoft Stream: Uploading a Video

Microsoft Stream is a private video streaming application within Office 365.  It allows for uploading videos, transcribing audio to text, captioning, and several other features that might be useful to the campus community. Here is how you upload videos to Stream

Printing PowerPoint Handouts

Info on printing powerpoint slide in handout format. Includes WebPrint tips.

Sharing Files and Folders in OneDrive (Web Browser)

Sharing files/folders with Microsoft OneDrive from a web browser.

Sharing Files and Folders in OneDrive (Windows Explorer)

Sharing files/folders with Microsoft OneDrive in Windows Explorer