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Microsoft Stream is the defacto storage mechanism for recorded videos on campus, and from Microsoft Teams.  Teams will automatically upload your videos to Stream for you, preserving the permissions that were set in your meeting.  In other words, if 5 Cedar Crest folks were in the meeting, they will all automatically have access to the video - but no one else will.  If you'd like to generate a caption file, allow others to view the video, or set other things in Stream, here's how!

Setting Microsoft Stream Video Options

  1. Once you are logged in, and on the page for your video, click the three buttons below the video to make the video menu appear.

  2. Next, click on Update Video Details.
  3. You will be taken to the Update Video Details page.


    Details allows you the change the name of the video, enter a description (hashtags are allowed and useful), and set the language of the video.  If you would like to have captions or download a caption file, you must the correct language.  You can also change the thumbnail that shows up in search results to another frame, or upload an image to use.
    Permissions allows you to add or remove access to your video.  Click the Allow everyone in your company to view this video to make the video accessible to everyone at Cedar Crest College.  If you with to remove access, you can click the X next to the name.  If you wish to add groups, Stream channels, or individuals, you can click the appropriate Share With dropdown selection, then start typing the name.  It will populate, and allow you to select the group, person or channel.
    Options You can turn comments on or off for your video, check to generate a downloadable Captions file - of click Download file if it is ready to be downloaded.  You can also upload a subtitle file if you have one.
    Share will generate a link for you to send to others (whom you've already given permission)
    Download video will download the video as an MP4 file to your Downloads folder.
    Replace video allows you to upload an edited, or replacement version of the video.  Original video will be lost.
    - Delete video will delete the video from Stream.  Original video will not be recoverable. 


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