Logging in to FalconLink for the First Time

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FalconLink is the universal application launch pad for Cedar Crest College's many applications.  Within FalconLink you will have the ability to change your FalconNet password, access your Cedar Crest Online (Canvas) courses, connect with Microsoft Office applications after signing in with your FalconNet account, MyCedarCrest, and much more.  Additionally, these services will all be linked via your login credentials to allow for either single sign on, or saved sign on capabilities.

First time?  Here's what to expect!

Want to watch a video to help?  Click here to watch!


  1. FalconLink is accessed via a web browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge highly recommended.  Safari and Firefox are not recommend for Cedar Crest applications).

    Launch FalconLink by navigating to: https://falconlink.cedarcrest.edu
  2. Once at the log in screen, use your FalconNet username (jasmith -- not jasmith@cedarcrest.edu) and password, then click Sign In.

  3. For faculty and staff, MultiFactor Authentication is required for the use of College Systems.  After you log in, you will be prompted to configure ClassLink MFA.  Click here for instructions if you are prompted.  Students do not need to configure MFA at this time.
  4. Use of FalconLink (and other College systems) requires that you setup password reset and recovery.  Password recovery allows you to set up a secondary notification mechanism that will be used to recover your account if you forget your password (you can click on Help I forgot my password on the log in screen).  Options include a text message to a cell phone, or an email to any email address.  Click Set up Recovery to continue, otherwise you will be logged out.

  5. Select whether you would like to set up a mobile phone (text) or email account.
  6. No matter which option you chose, you will be prompted to enter the contact information.  For mobile phone, enter your cell phone number.  For email, you can use any email address.  Since the password for your @Cedarcrest.edu email and FalconLink are the same, we suggest you consider using a non-Cedar Crest email address in case you do not have access to your Cedar Crest email.  You can set up both, but you must set up at least one.  Click Save.

  7. Next, you will either be sent a confirmation email with a link that you must click to confirm your email address, or a text message to your cell phone.  Please follow the instructions to complete the set up process.

  8. Ready to launch some apps?  Click Here for help Launching Apps -- and Click Here to learn about the Browser Extension installation procedure.  Do not use Apple's Safari web browser.

    Want more FalconLink information?  Click here for more help articles!
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