Configuring MFA (Multifactor Authentication) for FalconLink


FalconLink is the universal application launch pad for Cedar Crest College's many applications.  Within FalconLink you will have the ability to change your FalconNet password, access your Cedar Crest Online (Canvas) courses, connect with Microsoft Office applications after signing in with your FalconNet account, MyCedarCrest, and much more.  Additionally, these services will all be linked via your login credentials to allow for either single sign on, or saved sign on capabilities.

One of the key features of FalconLink is the blanketed MFA (multifactor authentication) security that it offers.  All accounts in FalconLink will be required to use MFA -- here is how you set it up!


  1. You will be prompted to set up an additional authentication mechanism beyond your password when you log in to FalconLink.

  2. Within FalconLink's MFA configuration, you have three options for securing your account via MFA.  These are Mobile (app authentication), SMS (text message), and Image (shows an image you select).

     Note: highly privileged users will only have 2, SMS (text) and mobile app

  3. The Office of Information Technology recommends that everyone use SMS (text) messaging, unless you already have the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone and working properly.  If you wish to use your existing Microsoft Authenticator App, you can scan the QR Code with your phone and it will add it to the app (follow the on-screen instructions to complete that enrollment).  Select the option that works best for you.
  4. If you selected Mobile, you are now done.  If you selected SMS, you will need to input your mobile phone number, then click Save.

  5. Next, click Verify.  A text message will be sent to your mobile phone.  Once you receive the text message, input the code and click Verify.  If you do not receive a text message, check the phone number for accuracy, and try again.

  6. Once you have verified your number, or completed mobile authentication, you will be taken to the FalconLink Launchpad.  The system will now require you to authenticate this way each time you log in to FalconLink.


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