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The FalconApps server is an application delivery server that allows you to access software applications that are owned by the college and housed on-campus - from anywhere and on both Windows and Apple computers.  

SPSS being used with MacOS has a bug in relation to producing output files. To get around the bug, you will need to use your H: drive.  Once you save on the H: drive, you will then need to access it via Microsoft Edge and upload it from the FalconApps server.
Information on accessing CANVAS, and where to go for questions.
In the event of a scenario that prevents instructors and students from meeting face to face, Cedar Crest College instructors and students are advised to adopt an online teaching approach. The purpose of this page is to help instructors quickly learn and apply the fundamentals of online teaching and learning.
Information on finding your Canvas Course ID to connect with a third party application.
Some third-party integrations, such as ExamSoft, require the SIS Course ID that is located in Canvas in order to import or export data to and from their product.  This information is located in Canvas and is easily accessible for instructors and department administrators.
Link to Proctortrack's website guide for using it within CANVAS.
Information on supported web browsers and plug-ins for Canvas.
How to create, synchronize and access your Microsoft Teams Class Team through Canvas.
Link to the new student guide for accessing the online portion of your classes.
This article will help you get past the "There was a problem connecting your course to Microsoft Teams" when clicking on Microsoft Teams in your Canvas course after you have turned on the LTI integration and the Team was successfully created.
Link to the new instructor guide for accessing the online portion of your classes.
If you own an Amazon Echo smart home device, you can now link that to the Cedar Crest Online (Canvas)!  When you connect your Amazon Echo device to our Canvas instance, it will allow you to ask Alexa if you have homework, any announcements, or Canvas-related messages.
Due to a temporary issue with ProctorTrack, they have temporarily stopped their service.  In order to give quizzes and exams in Canvas, ProctorTrack will need to be disabled and new assessments will need to be created.  Here's how.