Canvas Mobile Apps


There are several mobile apps for Canvas, one specific for students, and one for instructors. The descriptions for each app are shown below.

Your CANVAS course experience differs depending on if you are accessing it through a full browser, a mobile browser, or the mobile app. This article provides tips on how you can maximize your class experience.

General Tips (All Users) 

  • Use nicknames, favoriting, and reordering to customize how your courses appear on the Canvas dashboard; this is especially important for the small screen environment of the Canvas apps.
  • Be sure to unfavorite courses at the end of the semester.
  • On the iPad, use Safari rather than Chrome for browser access. On laptop / desktop systems, all modern browsers are supported.
    All versions of Internet Explorer are deprecated and not supported.

Canvas Student

The Canvas student app provides a good experience for:

  • Reading or reviewing course content (syllabi, calendar, course readings)
  • Looking at your grades
  • Using discussions for low-stakes (un-graded) conversations

Use your device browser for the best experience on high-stakes activities including:

  • Taking a quiz
  • Submitting an assignment
  • Graded discussions
  • Discussions that involve attachments
  • Using an external homework system, such as MyLab

iPad users should use the Chrome mobile app for external tools or use a browser on a desktop or laptop.

Download the Canvas Student App

Use the URL when prompted to login to Canvas by Instructure.

Canvas Student allows students to access their courses and groups using a mobile device. Students can submit assignments, participate in discussions, view grades and course materials. The app also provides access to course calendars, To Do items, notifications, and Conversations messages.

Canvas Teacher

Canvas Teacher allows teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Canvas Teacher app is best suited for:

  • Grading
  • Communications (messaging, light discussions, announcements)
  • On the fly tweaks to existing pages
  • Browse the list of features included in the Canvas Teacher app.

A browser on a laptop or desktop system will provide the best experience for complex activities such as extensive course building or editing.

Using a browser on your iPad is also an option. This is particularly useful for faculty who already have files or media created on their iPad, allowing them to upload this content directly from their device.

Download the Canvas Teacher App

Use the URL when prompted to login to Canvas Teacher.

Canvas Teacher allows teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, both inside and outside the classroom. This app provides quick access to grading, communicating, and updating—three of the most frequent course facilitation tasks for teachers through Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes.




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