How to Find a Canvas Course Number

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Every course in Canvas (even an unpublished course) has a course number to identify it. You can find it at the end of your course's URL. There are two ways to see this URL. 

1. Locate your course's Canvas course number within the course URL (browser address):

  1. Go to your course's homepage by clicking a course name on your canvas dashboard.
  2. Check your browser's URL. On the course homepage, the course number is at the end of the URL. (In the example below, the Canvas course number is 12337.)

2. Hover your cursor over the course name to show the URL (Desktop)

  1. Select Courses on the Canvas sidebar. The courses menu will pop up.
    Note: you can also do this on your dashboard or courses page
  2. Hover your cursor over a course name
  3. Find the URL in the bottom-left corner of your browser window. This shows the URL of the course your cursor is on. The 5-digit number at the end is the course ID.

In the image below, the Canvas course number is 1166


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