Computer Skills Required for Online Learning

Online students should have basic computer knowledge, with the ability to:

  1. start up, reboot, and shut down a computer 
  2. load, launch, and quit a program 
  3. save and retrieve a file to and from a CD or other removable media 
  4. save and retrieve a file to and from a computer hard drive 
  5. print a word processing document loaded from a USB drive or a computer 
  6. adjust the settings for your printer 
  7. use more than one program at a time 
  8. highlight, cut/copy text from one source and paste it into another 
  9. open and close menus and windows 
  10. resize windows on your desktop 
  11. create folders 
  12. find, rename, or delete files 
  13. create a document using a word processing program 
  14. use spell and grammar checking capabilities of word processing software to edit and revise your work 
  15. know how to access the Internet 
  16. know how to read and delete email messages 
  17. create, send, forward, and reply to email messages 
  18. know how to send an attachment in email 
  19. recognize the difference between an email address and a website address 
  20. search for and access subject specific information using a search engine (e.g. Google, Bing) 
  21. log into Canvas (Cedar Crest Online - the College's learning management system)
  22. access course files in Canvas
  23. submit assignments in Canvas
  24. send and receive messages in the Canvas Inbox.


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