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List of online resources that use your FalconNet account for access.
Tips for connection issues on Android devices to the FalconNet wireless system.
Campus community directions for accessing the FalconNet Wireless system from an Android device.
Directions on registering for the self-service password reset site.
Did you recently receive an email alerting you that you have 7 days before your password expires?  Or do you just need to change your password quickly?  You can reduce the trouble and lost time that it causes you by taking advantage of our online password reset tool!  The technology support center website enables faculty and staff to change reset their password online, without calling the Help Desk.
Directions on using our self-service site to reset your password.
Directions for using a mobile device to enroll on the Password Self-Service Website.
Cedar Crest College recognizes the critical nature of connecting to resources that are online; whether they are on a local network resource or the internet.  To facilitate the increased mobility that is present on our everyday lives, the College has executed a plan to cover the campus in the FalconNet Wireless Network.  This network ensures that all faculty, staff, and students can connect to their online resources with the best possible performance where they need to and when they need to.
In the past, laptops have sometimes come with pre-configured local accounts to use while off-campus.  With the new Windows 10 laptops, this is no longer the case and a few steps must be taken to ensure that these laptops will work for everyone reliably.
General overview of your FalconNet account and what it is for.
Troubleshooting wireless network issues in Butz Hall, Moore Hall and Steinbright Hall.
If you can't connect to FalconNet Wireless on a college owned device, this might help!
Tips for connection issues on Windows 7 devices to the FalconNet wireless system.
Tips for connection issues on iOS devices to the FalconNet wireless system.
Tips for connection issues on Windows 8.1 devices to the FalconNet wireless system.