What is EDUROAM and how does it work?

What is EDUROAM?

EDUROAM is a worldwide consortium of institutions that have technologically joined together to offer wireless access on their campus for higher education visitors (faculty, staff, and students) to login to the wireless by using their local campus credentials.  Cedar Crest College is now a part of the EDUROAM network that includes hundreds of institutions of higher learning through the country and the world.  EDUROAM allows faculty, staff and students from any participating institution (Click here to see a complete list) to travel to another participating institution and log on to their wireless network with the username and password from their institution.  For example, both Cedar Crest College and Lafayette College participate.  Any faculty, staff or student from Cedar Crest can go to Lafayette's campus, select EDUROAM from their wireless network and connect using their FalconNet credentials (What are FalconNet Credentials?)  And, in turn, they can come here and connect to our EDUROAM network with their username@lafayette.edu credentials.  

No more need for using the FalconGuest network for those folks!

Currently, almost all of the LVAIC consortium is part of the EDUROAM network!

How does EDUROAM work?

The connection between each campus network exists via the Internet2 consortium.  This connection allows participating schools to pass authentication information from the user to the directory in question in a fully encrypted manner and only return a "yes" or "no" answer for authentication.  Once a user selects EDUROAM from the network list, everything from there on out is fully encrypted.  The network asks for their username and password, the same way it does here a Cedar Crest and attempts to authenticate them.  Once the username and password are put in, the home institution is notified and says "yes" or "no" and logs the attempt on their end.  All requests go to the individuals home institution, nothing is handled locally at the location they are sitting in.  Any issues logging in should be directed to the individuals home institution.

Where on campus is EDUROAM available?

In short: everywhere!

What can I use EDUROAM for?

You can use it to connect to the wireless network at any participating institution.  If you head over to Muhlenberg, you don't need guest access -- you only need to connect to their EDUROAM network.

Here on-campus, you can tell folks visiting campus that they can connect to EDUROAM for their wireless needs.  If they are from a participating institution, it will greatly simplify their connectivity needs.

Can I connect to EDUROAM here?

No, our EDUROAM network is only for non-Cedar Crest faculty, staff and students.


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