Network (Wired & Wireless) and Security

Information on connecting to the College wireless network, shared folders, and malware.

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Directions and troubleshooting information on connecting to the FalconNet wireless system for the campus community and guests.


Information on the Cedar Crest Virtual Private Networking client, Palo Alto GlobalProtect.

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Can't Connect to FalconNet Wireless on Department or Loaner Laptop

If you can't connect to FalconNet Wireless on a college owned device, this might help!

Disconnect a Network Mapped Drive in Windows OS

If you are experiencing issues with network drives being inaccessible to you, and you have tried rerunning the mapping script, you may need to manually disconnect the drive and reconnect.  Here's how.

Finding Your IP and Network Hardware Addresses

Directions for finding your IP Address and Network Hardware (MAC) Address on your computer.

How to Find Your Computer's Name

Directions to find your computer's name.

How to Identify a Phishing or Spoofing Email

Tips on identifying a phishing or spoofing email

Mapping Drives in macOS

Directions for connecting to network folders on a Mac.

Mapping Drives in Windows OS

Directions for mapping drives on your personal computer, or on College-owned laptop off-campus.

Unsupported Technology on Campus

List of technology that is not supported on the Cedar Crest College network.