Gaming on Campus

Connecting to FalconNet

ALL gaming hardware (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii/Switch, and PC) should be connected via an ethernet cable. This will give the best online connection experience in every instance.

Popular Multiplayer Games that Work on Campus

Title Limitations


Team, Group, Match Voice Chat do not work. 
League of Legends None that we are aware of.
Elder Scrolls Online None that we are aware of.
Destiny (1 & 2) In-Game Chat does not work. 
Warframe Limited connectivity issues - cannot be invited by other players and must be the host of online play. 
Fortnite In-Game Chat does not work. 

Popular Multiplayer Games that Do Not Work on Campus

Title Specifications
Splatoon (1 & 2) Will connect to game, will not connect to multiplayer (Battles and Salmon Run)
Magic: The Gathering Arena Will not log in. 

Why Won't my Game Work?

Our network is not designed the same way the network that a console or gaming PC is designed around. Because of this, many games are designed to require that network traffic flow in a specific way that our network will not allow. Most often this is apparent in being unable to connect to the voice chat features of games but there are games that require a security model that cannot be supported on a network such as ours for security reasons.

Is There Anything I Can Do?

You are always free to call the helpdesk or visit us during our walk-in hours to inquire about specific games or consoles, but you are also able to create your own tickets! To create a ticket, click on this link. Click on "request help" and fill out the form, listing the console you are using, the MAC address of the console (found in internet settings), the game you are attempting to log in to, and the error message you are receiving (if there is one). You are also able to upload screenshots!


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