Jenzabar One Version Release Notes


One of the benefits of moving to Jenzabar's cloud hosting platform is the relative ease with updates/upgrades/patches.  As such, we will always keep within one minor release version of their current product.  The version numbers look like this: 2019.1.03.  The major release version number is the year (2019, 2020) - the minor version number is represented by the numbers that immediately follow (.1, .2 etc).  The numbers that follow that are patches and fixes.  We will only apply patches and fixes that apply to issues that we are experiencing.

Attached to this article are all the release notes for the major version (2020) that we are currently running, with any minor version updates that are associated with that.


Current Versions:

Production Environment
Jenzabar One: 2020.4
InfoMaker: 2019
JICS (MyCedarCrest): 9.2.2 (patched for J12020.2)

Testing Environment:
Last Data Refresh: 04/01/2021
Jenzabar One: 2020.4
InfoMaker: 2019 
JICS (MyCedarCrest): 9.4


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