Information on using Jenzabar desktop and (soon) Jenzabar Web applications

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Accessing Jenzabar's Online Training Resources

One of the benefits that Jenzabar offers is the ability to access training and documentation online.  While not all of this is free and included with our subscription, some of it is.  Here is how you access this information.

Adding and Running Infomaker Reports to Jenzabar One

Because using the Infomaker application now requires a license, individuals who only need to run reports must do so from within Jenzabar One.  This may mean using Jenzabar in a way you are unfamiliar with.  These instructions can help you add, and run an Infomaker report form within Jenzabar One.

Connecting to Jenzabar One's RemoteApps

Directions for connecting to the Jenzabar Remote Apps server and the associated remote applications.

Create Jenzabar ODBC Connection for 32-bit Microsoft Access (Windows 7)

This connection is needed in order to use Jenzabar-linked tables for Access reporting.

Creating Infomaker (2019) Database Profiles

In Infomaker 2019, the Config tool has been deprecated, and the Database Painter replaces it.  Before you can connect to a database (such as Jenzabar), you will need to run the Database Painter.  Here are basic instructions on how to do that with a sample database.

Creating ODBC Connections for Jenzabar-linked Access Databases (Windows 10)

An ODBC connection is required to use Jenzabar-linked tables in Access databases. These directions are for Windows 10 users.

Direct Server Connection: How to Access and Test the Jenzabar Testing Environment

How to connect to, and log in to, the Jenzabar testing environment.

Error in Infomaker 2019 "The shared profile does not exist"

Infomaker 2019 introduces share profiles that may need to be configured based on your use of the product.  If you get the error "The shared profile does not exist" when you run the Infomaker Config Tool, you will need to configure the profiles in the Optional tab. Here's how.

Fixing ODBC Connection to EX6: Jenzabar EX failed error in Access

If you experiencing this error: this error: ODBC--connection to 'EX6: Jenzabar EX' failed (or similar) -- here is how to fix it.

How to Access and Test MyCedarCrest (JICS) Testing Environment

Testing our applications, reports, and connections in our new environment are key components to the success of this project.  Because of this, we are making every effort to make testing the new environment available to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.  Please follow these instructions to get to, login, and access the new JICS (MyCedarCrest) environment.

How to put in a Jenzabar Support Ticket

Sometimes it is necessary to ask Jenzabar for help with an issue that you are encountering that falls outside of the Office of Information Technology's normal support arena. Here is how you do that.

Jenzabar One and JICS Version Release Notes

One of the benefits of moving to Jenzabar's cloud hosting platform is the relative ease with updates/upgrades/patches.  As such, we will always keep within one minor release version of their current product.  The version numbers look like this: 2019.1.03.  The major release version number is the year (2019, 2020) - the minor version number is represented by the numbers that immediately follow (.1, .2 etc).  The numbers that follow that are patches and fixes.

Jenzabar Migration and Upgrade Timeline

Here is a look at the timeline for our work on Jenzabar in 2019.  Note: this schedule is tentative and based on the results of certain processes happening as expected.  It is subject to change without notice.  Please check back throughout the process for updates.

Logging in to Jenzabar One

Cedar Crest has upgraded our platforms to the newest versions of Jenzabar and related applications.  These instructions will help you connect and test the new environment.

Refresh or Update Jenzabar Remote Apps

There are a variety of reasons that we might need to update our Remote Apps.  Sometimes new applications will not show up.  Sometimes old applications disappear.  Whatever the case, here is how you get that accomplished.

These directions include information for Windows 7 and Windows 10 users.

Requesting an Infomaker 2019 Account

One of the biggest shifts to Infomaker is a licensed environment that is controlled via cloud-based logins.  You will need an Infomaker account if you need to run the Infomaker application for any reason, and you will need a specific license if you need to make changes to existing reports.  Need an account?  Here's how you get one!

Signing up for a My.Jenzabar.Net Account

One of the benefits that Jenzabar provides to the campus community is support, training, and listserv access.  To access these resources, you need a My.Jenzabar account.  To have an account set up for you, you must request this from Jenzabar.  This is also required if you need to put in support tickets with Jenzabar. Here is how you do that.

Using Advanced Search in Jenzabar

directions on using advanced search in Jenzabar to search for records by something other than ID number.