Connecting to the Jenzabar One Testing Environment


Cedar Crest is scheduled to upgrade our platforms to the newest versions of Jenzabar and related applications.  Testing and becoming familiar with the new version and the related changes is a very important part of any upgrade process, especially one that is as major and critical as this one. These instructions will help you connect and test the new environment.

NOTE: Not everyone has access to the testing environment.  Anyone needed access must request it through the IT Help Desk.

NOTE: Release notes for each version upgrade from Jenzabar One 2019 through 2019.4 (the version we will be upgrading to) are attached to this article.

Open the Jenzabar One (J1) Client in RemoteApps

  1. Click on the Windows button and find the Cedar Crest RemoteApps in your program list.
  2. For Windows 7, click on the Windows button and go to All Programs-->RemoteApp and Desktop Connection-->Cedar Crest RemoteApps.
  3. For Windows 10, click on the Windows button and scroll to Cedar Crest RemoteApps
  4. Click on the Jenzabar One Desktop 2019 (Cedar Crest) 
  5. You will see the status box for connecting to the remote server come up, and after a few moments be presented with a log in dialog box.
  6. Input your username, password and make sure that you select the JICS TEST database as pictured below.

  7. Click OK.  The Jenzabar One splash screen should appear.

Note: if you receive an error message about the database needing to be upgraded to 2019.4, you should go back and make sure that the JICS TEST database is selected.

To view a short video on this process, click here.


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