How to put in a Jenzabar Support Ticket


Sometimes it is necessary to ask Jenzabar for help with an issue that you are encountering that falls outside of the Office of Information Technology's normal support arena.  To do this, you need a My.Jenzabar account.  If you do not already have one, click here to find out how to request one.

Here is how you do that.

Putting in a Jenzabar Support Ticket

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Once logged in, you will see this menu on the left. 

  3. To start a ticket, click Add Support Call.  To see the status of a ticket you previously logged with Jenzabar Support, click Support Calls.
  4. Once you have clicked Add Support Call, you will be taken to this form that you will need to complete.

  5. On this form, it will automatically fill in your name, school, phone, and email address based on your My.Jenzabar account information.  In addition to that information, you will need to fill in the Urgency, Impact, Product, Summary, and Details fields for Jenzabar to assist you.
  6. For Urgency and Impact, you should choose the appropriate response based on the issue you are putting in.  If you are choosing Organization or Department under impact, please make sure that the Office of Information Technology has a ticket open in our system for this issue, and that we have advised you to put in a ticket.  Under normal circumstances, we put in a ticket for those impact levels.
  7. For Product, you will have to click on the search magnifying glass that will take you to the search dialog box.
  8. Next, click Search again to get a full list of the products that Cedar Crest has licensed.  Scroll through until you see the module or product you need assistance with.  For the majority of support tickets, make sure the Item designator begins with J1 for Jenzabar One desktop application issues, or IM for Infomaker issues.
  9. Once you have selected the appropriate product family, input a summary and detailed explanation of the issue to help Jenzabar technicians help you as quickly as possible.  You may also attach screenshots at the bottom.
  10. Click OK.
  11. You will receive an email confirmation a few minutes later.


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One of the benefits that Jenzabar provides to the campus community is support, training, and listserv access.  To access these resources, you need a My.Jenzabar account.  To have an account set up for you, you must request this from Jenzabar.  This is also required if you need to put in support tickets with Jenzabar. Here is how you do that.