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Cedar Crest College's Office of Information Technology has the ability to support the campus community whether you are on-campus, or somewhere else.  The only thing you need is your computer and a reliable internet connection to that computer.  To do this the Office of Information Technology uses TeamViewer, a remote support application.  To have a technician connect to your computer and help, you will need to download TeamViewer to your computer and follow these instructions:
Sometimes it is necessary to ask Jenzabar for help with an issue that you are encountering that falls outside of the Office of Information Technology's normal support arena. Here is how you do that.
login directions for this website.
Information on accessing CANVAS, and where to go for questions.
Information regarding support for students' personal-owned devices.
The purpose of this document is to detail the methods that non-Cedar Crest individuals are authorized to use in order to provide support to the systems on campus.