Using Astra Schedule for Requesting Rooms for Events and Meetings

Accessing the Astra Schedule Website

Directions/Notes about:

Requesting a Room

  1. Once you are logged in to Astra from the Home Page select “Events” then from the drop down select “Request an Event”.
  2. Select the appropriate Request Form from the drop down menu.
  3. Please fill in all appropriate details. All items marked with an asterisk are required before moving on to the next section. For event title please be specific for your group. Do not simply put down “Meeting”. Instead, put in “Student Activities Board Meeting”. 
  4. In the “Event Details” section please provide your room set-up as detailed as possible. If you are unsure about the setup of your event or if you would like to discuss details further, please email Lisa Wallitsch at
  5. Fill in the maximum number of guests that you expect to attend the event. This number will define what room options come up.
  6. Under the section “Meeting Recurrence,” select the date(s) and time(s) of your event and click the green “Create” button.
  7. If your event will be held past midnight of the same day, select the “Spanning” tab.
  8. If your meeting is held on a weekly, monthly, etc. basis, select the “Recurring” tab)
  9. Under the section “Meetings,” select the checkbox at the top to select all.
  10. Click the button “Assign rooms.”
  11. “Score” denotes the room that appropriately fits your group. Please do not select a room with a low score unless all other rooms are unavailable. This allows the appropriate room to be selected for the appropriate group.
  12. Filters/Sorting: From the left menu, you may select different filters by building, room configuration, etc. Sort to find a particular room by clicking the top of the column you wish to sort by. By default, the software sorts by score.
  13. Select a Room by clicking the “Available” button and it will become green. Unavailable rooms will show as red “Unavailable” buttons. Click the “OK” button in the bottom left corner once all rooms have been assigned.
  14. Room Resources: Select any room resources that you may need for your event (i.e. data projector/laptop cart, podium, high top tables, etc.). Please only request resources that are not already a feature of a room. For instance, do not select a data projector/laptop cart for TCC 1867 Room as it already is equipped with that technology.
  15. Click the “Submit” button.
  16. Closing the loop: You should receive an email that your request has been submitted. Once the approver has received your request, you will find your event in the area of your home portal, “My Events: Pending.” Once your event has been confirmed and all details scheduled, you will find your event in the area of the home portal, “My Events: Scheduled”. This means that your event will appear on the Enterprise and Activity calendars. When corresponding about your event, please include your event reservation number located in the top right area of your event details. Your event will not be scheduled until approved by the Office of Student Union and Engagement

Special Notes

Event Space Reservations:

  • When selecting a meeting space please be aware of how many people will actually be at the meeting. Understand, that our meeting spaces in the TCC are shared by student organizations, faculty, staff, and upper-level administration. Please do not select a room that seats 30 people if you will only have 13 at the meeting.
  • In most instances, once you reserve your meeting space you are guaranteed to have that space. However, if the Board of Trustees or one of the President’s Cabinet members needs a room that your group is in you will be contacted about relocating. We work our hardest to find you a comparable space that does not have a large impact on your group.

Academic Space Reservations:

  • Students are not permitted to request classroom spaces through their Astra accounts.
  • Classroom spaces are any space on campus that is not listed in the attached Capacity Sheet.
  • If you would like to request a classroom for your event please contact Lisa Wallitsch at
  • In your email include the following information:
    • Event Title
    • Event Date and Time
    • Approximate number of attendees
    • At least three options for classroom space
  • Classroom spaces are not guaranteed to be available, and have to be approved through the Registrar’s Office.

Room Capacities

Below are the capacites for event spaces.

For classrooms, visit our Technology Classrooms knowledge base article, and click on the Excel spreadsheet under Files. You will also see the capacity for each room during your search within AstraSchedule.  

Location Capacity/Setup
Alumnae Chapel 100 *Reserved only for religious affiliated events or meditation events*
Alumnae Hall Auditorium 497 (3 handicapped seats)
Center for Diversity & Inclusion 40
Greek Theatre 100
Quad Various depending on set up
TCC 1867

Theatre Short: 80

Theatre Long: 100

Classroom Short: 36

Classroom Long: 45

U-Shape Long: 30

U-Shape Short: 30

Rounds: 60

TCC 315 13
TCC 316 8
TCC 317 14
TCC Alcove C

Theatre: 48

Classroom: 24

U-Shape: 21

Rounds: 32

TCC Falcon's Nest 100
TCC South Annex 20
TCC Terrace Various depending on set up
TCC Conference Space

Rounds: 80

Theater Style: 115



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