How to Access and Test MyCedarCrest (JICS) Testing Environment

How to Access and Test the MyCedarCrest (JICS) Testing Environment

Testing our applications, reports, and connections in our new environment are key components to the success of this project.  Because of this, we are making every effort to make testing the new environment available to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.  Please follow these instructions to get to, login, and access the new JICS (MyCedarCrest) environment.

  1. Note: You must be on-campus or connected via the GlobalProtect VPN to access the testing environment. 
  2. To connect to the test MyCedarCrest (JICS) environment, open a web browser and navigate to https://jzccr-j1test/ics 
  3. Your web browser will show you a warning that the connection is not private.  The screen will look similar to this (the screenshot is from Edge, but Chrome and Firefox are similar).

  4. Click Advanced (or the similar link in your browser).
  5. You will be shown a screen similar to this one (the example is from Edge, your screen might be slightly different).  Click on Continue.

  6. Once you have clicked on Continue - you will be taken to the MyCedarCrest (Test) home page where you can log in as you normally would.


Note: Please test the items that you might normally use in MyCedarCrest for functionality, but not data accuracy.  The data in the test environment will not be perfectly up-to-date.  Please report issues with display, usability, functionality, or anything similar to that via this link.  Please indicate that you were in the TEST environment.


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