Refresh or Update Jenzabar Remote Apps


There are a variety of reasons that we might need to update our Remote Apps.  Sometimes new applications will not show up.  Sometimes old applications disappear.  Whatever the case, here is how you get that accomplished.

These directions include information for Windows 7 and Windows 10 users. 

NOTE: These directions must be completed under the individual’s own login account. You cannot run these directions for someone else under your own login.

Directions – Refreshing or Updating RemoteApps

  1. Click on the Windows icon:
  2. In the search field, type RemoteApp and Desktop Connections. Double-click from the results list to open.

  3. In the left column, choose RemoteApps and Desktop Connections for both Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  4. Next, click on Properties in the upper-right hand corner.

  5. When the View properties or update this connection screen comes up, click Update Now.

  6. Once you have clicked that button, a screen will pop up saying updating.
  7. If you do not see an Updating screen, you will need reset up your apps from scratch.  To do that, click the arrow to go back one screen and then click Remove then follow the instructions in this article.
  8. If it has updated, you should see this screen.

  9. You can either click View Resources or access the applications from your Start Menu.


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Mon 11/25/19 9:05 AM