VoiceMail Basics


General information on using the College Voicemail system.

Voice Mail Basics

  • To enter your mailbox on campus dial 4666
  • To enter your mailbox off campus dial 610-606-4666
  • To retrieve a message once you are in the mailbox, press # [note: if you are calling from your own extension press # twice] and enter your mailbox number [this is the last 4 digits of your telephone number] then enter your five digit security code [you may initially have to enter 12345 to select your own security code] then press 3
  • To record your greeting, press 4 after the “ready” prompt, then press 6
  • To record your name, press 16 after the “ready” prompt, then press 8
  • Once in your mailbox, to listen to your messages, press 5
  • To erase a message, press 3
  • To exit from voicemail, press 9 twice
  • To change security code, press 16 after the “ready” prompt, then press 2
  • To back up to the beginning of a message, press 5
  • To forward a message, press 13 while message is playing, then press # after the tone; enter four digit extension to forward to, and press # #
  • For help at any time press 0
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