How to use Docuware to Import and Store Records for your Department


Docuware is a web-based application and database that allows for the storage, retrieval, and sharing of information.  There are multiple ways to get data into Docuware, including email, drag-and-drop, importing a file, scanning, direct data input, etc.  This article will help you to import, store, and organize the documents and information in an efficient way in Docuware and discuss email, import, and drag-and-dropping files into Docuware.

Storing Data in Docuware

  1. In your web browser, navigate to and log in with your departmental Docuware account information.

  2. Once you have logged in, you should be taken to your department account's Document Tray Inbox as pictured below.  If not, you can click on Document Trays to get there.


  3. This Inbox is where all documents that have not been tagged for storage will reside until they are.  They can get there via email, drag-and-drop, or file import.  If you have email scanning configured for your department, the files will automatically appear here after you have put the emails in the Docuware folder in the email account associated with Docuware.  You do not have to do anything else.  If you have files to upload to Docuware, you can drag-and-drop them here, or click Import, then select the file to upload, click Open and it will appear in the Document Tray in a moment.  
    Note: we strongly recommend PDF files only.  JPG files are not processed by the system.

  4. Once the file has been imported, it will look like this.  Select the file by clicking on it once, then click Store.  You may be prompted to select where to store it (if you have access to more than one location), select the proper department storage location.


  5. You will be taken to the screen with the ability to edit and enter metadata information for the document.  This is an important step to the storage process, because it allows Docuware to know what the document is, and how to index it for searching.  In this example, filling out the document data as shown here will rename the document to Crusher, Beverly 65431 Transcript.PDF and store it in a folder named Crusher, Beverly 654321 -> Transcript as soon as you click Store again.  If you do not fill in this data, it will simply put the fill as it was uploaded into your department Folders.  If you make a mistake and do this, you can still edit the document index entries later.


  6. Click on Folders to see the folders and documents that you stored.

    You have now successfully stored Beverly Crusher's transcript.


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