Windows 11 Support and Testing

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The Office of Information Technology recognizes that in order to keep our computing infrastructure safe, secure, and operating efficiently, the computers on the network must be regularly updated and maintain a certain level of modern operating system.  To that end, the Office of Information Technology has started testing Microsoft Windows 11 in preparation for its release (10/5/2021). 

Our testing process consists of:

- Installing the application or drivers
- Loading the application
- Performing basic functions (open files, save files, printing (if applicable)
- Closing the application

These are the results of our testing.

This page is a living document that will be updated as we continue to test and approve different applications on the operating system, including the latest builds of Windows 11 as they are released by Microsoft up to the release date.

Application Testing Log

  1. Current Testing Date: 09/24/2021
  2. Version: Windows 11.21996.1 (Dev)

Applications Tested (All versions tested are the latest release from the vendor unless otherwise noted)

Application Date Tested On Works? Notes
Login to Network 6/1/2021 Yes  
Network Drive Connections 6/1/2021 Yes  
Network Policies 6/10/2021 Mostly Noted Exceptions: Custom Start Menu, Custom Wallpapers/Lockscreens
Printing (Ricoh - FalconPrint/EmployeePrint) 9/24/2021 Yes  
Printing (Ricoh - Department Office Printers) 9/24/2021 Maybe May Need Updated Drivers
Microsoft Edge 6/1/2021 Yes  
Google Chrome 6/1/2021 Yes  
Firefox 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft Word 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft Excel 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft PowerPoint 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft Access 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft OneDrive 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft Teams 6/1/2021 Yes  
Microsoft OneNote 9/15/2021 Yes  
Microsoft Outlook 6/1/2021 Yes  
Alertus 6/1/2021 Yes  
Palo Alto GlobalProtect (VPN) 9/1/2021 Yes  
AirSquirrels Reflector 9/1/2021 Yes  
Cylance (Antivirus/Malware) 8/10/2021 Yes  
FalconApps (VMWare Horizon SPSS/ArcGIS) 9/24/2021 Yes  
Adobe Creative Cloud 8/10/2021 Yes  
Adobe Photoshop 9/21/2021 Yes  
Adobe Acrobat Pro      
Adobe Acrober Reader 9/21/2021 Yes  
SPSS 8/10/2021 Yes  
TeamViewer 8/10/2021 Yes  
Jenzabar One 2020 9/15/2021 Yes  
Jenzabar One 2021      
Infomaker Reporting      
Blackboard/Transact System (BBTS)      



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